Need help modifying existing spreadsheets


I'm writing an application that will load an existing template spreadsheet, populate a large amount of data on a single worksheet, and then save the file under a new name.

If I write the data without first opening a spreadsheet, it works fine.

If I first open an existing simple spreadsheet (only the word text in one cell), it completes,but there is garbage data on each worksheet of the output spreadsheet.

If I first open the actual template spreadsheet (4.4MB) it locks up during the save to the new file.

I am testing with the evaluation version if this makes a difference.

Rich Shipley


Dear Rich,

For garbage data, it's an evaluation limitation. Please check .

Could you zip and post your template spreadsheet here? I will check it right now.


I missed that about the eval version. Just wanted to make sure that wasn't a problem.

I've attached the template spreadsheet. Thanks for your help.



I found what caused this problem. It will take about a few days to solve it. A fix will be available in the next week. Thanks for your patience.


I'll look for the update. Thanks.



Hi Rich,

Please try this attached fix.


This is working much better so far.