Need help to set Tab stop :

I am trying to set manual tab stop for each paragraph in Document? How do i need to do this ? Can you provide me some example to set tab stop in Document . I am using latest version .


Thanks for your request. Please try using the following code:

// Create TabStop
TabStop tab = new TabStop(100);
// Set TabStop

Also please follow the link to learn more:
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Thanks for your reply. From above example ,In converted document i can see tab stop in MSWord ruler at 1.5 inch . I just need to bring below like format in document. Is it possible ? I just gone through manual but it couldn help me

For ex :

Name : Aspose
Age : 10

Please do help me .


Hi Anbu,
Thanks for your inquiry. I believe Andrey’s code above does provide the basis for doing this. Remember you need the tab character (ControlChar.Tab) for the text to be lined up with the next tabstop.
Could you please provide us with some more information, prehapes a document which samples what you would like to achieve.