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***** Need Immediate Attention ******** Need Native Chart Properties compatible for OLE chart properties

Hi -

We are actually migrating our project that have been developed for OLE chart object to MSO chart/Native Chart object. We are not able to findout suitable properties for MSO/Native Charts which are available in OLE.Please help us and let us know whether the listed functionalities are available in MSO/Native Charts or not, if available, guide us to where (class/function/property) exactly are these available.

OLE Chart Properties that we are currently using for

Aspose.Cells.Charts.Axis axis = chart.CategoryAxis;


axis.Title.RotationAngle = Int32.Parse(angle);


axis.Title.Font.Name = fontFamily;
axis.Title.Font.DoubleSize = double.Parse(fontSize);
axis.Title.Font.IsItalic = Boolean.Parse(isItalic);
axis.Title.Font.IsBold = Boolean.Parse(isBold);


axis.TickLabels.Font.Color = color;
axis.TickLabels.Font.Name = fontFamily;
axis.TickLabels.Font.DoubleSize = double.Parse(fontSize);
axis.TickLabels.Font.IsItalic = Boolean.Parse(isItalic);
axis.TickLabels.Font.IsBold = Boolean.Parse(isBold);


I think your query is related to Aspose.Slides product, you 'd better ask your query in their forums.

Aspose.Cells for .NET’s chart relevant APIs are used to create or manipulate MS Excel native charts.

You need to contact Aspose.Slides team for your query as we can only help you regarding Aspose.Cells APIs or the relevant issues. As you are using Aspose.Slides product for your MSO charts, so, kindly contact Aspose.Slides team for it in their forums:

Thank you.