Need to add Picture



I am using Aspose.Cells using Java. I need to dynamically add images/pictures in cells. I am not able to find any APIs for that.

My entire project depends on this and we had assumed that this feature is avilable but maybe thats true for the older versions or for .NET and not Java.

We have to use Java technology. Currently a report is being generated in the html format. I have attached the html report for your reference. We have to generate teh same report in Excel too. Looking at the report ASPOSE Excel was the obvious choice.

Please help !



Aspose.Cells for .NET supports to add images dynamically while Aspose.Cells for Java doesn’t support this feature yet. When will you need this feature?


Actually, we need this feature right now. What are your plans for releasing this feature?


We are developing the chart feature. And we will add image/picture feature in the next step. In our plan, it will be available at the end of March. And we will do our best to make it ASAP.