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Need to Insert Images and Drawing Objects Using Aspose.Words 1.0 for Java

Hi, I am a new member of this forum. My task is to use the data, which are retrieved from database, to generate a document in the Microsoft Word format. And I use Java.

I have seen the style of the Word document required by clients. In addition to text, there are grid lines, downward pointing arrows, both right and left directions pointing arrows, and circles filled with different colors with either a Y or a N in the center.

I noticed that the Aspose.Words 1.0 for Java does not support images and drawing objects in documents.

I am following the example of the Document Builder and I suppose that it is the right example to follow.

Could anybody help me with showing me some methods to get those images in the Word document that I am supposed to generate? Thanks very much.

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Words for Java. The best I can suggest to you is waiting a little for next Aspose.Words for Java release that will support images. That release planned for the end of October.

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Do I read the news at the Aspose site from time to time to find out the availability of the next release of Aspose.Words for Java?


Yes, we post the information about all releases in our blogs. You can also subscribe to the following RSS feed:

And here's the RSS feed of our newsletter:

Moreover, we will notify you personally in this thread once the next release of Aspose.Words for Java is out Smile [:)]