Need to know if you can de-word documents before purchasing


We have a requirement to take word documents stored in binary that have lots of annoying macros in them and "flatten" them, converting them to word documents without macros, RTF, or PDF (it doesn't matter which). This would need to happen programmatically in java. Many of these macros are on-start, so they start up a person were to physically open them. They can just be ignored for the purposes of the java code.

Does Aspose.Word support this? I'm thinking like


new WordThing = binary stream of the word document

new BinaryStream thing = WordThing.saveAsPDF or saveAsRTF


The key would be that Aspose doesn't know anything about word VBA/macros and wouldn't throw any kind of exception as it tried to run the macros.


It is possible to get rid of macros in the word document by using Aspose.Words. Document.RemoveMacros() method does that.

As for running macros - Aspose.Words does not run them when working with the document - just preserves them during open-save sequences. Otherwise, they are ignored.

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