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Need to update purchase order

Creating temporary Purchase Orders for our suppliers,​ populated using data from Magento. Our suppliers need to update the purchase order with an estimated shipping date. About to do this using regular web pages but would prefer a PDF if possible?

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Hi Kate,

Can you please further elaborate your requirement? Which documents (PDF or Word etc.) are you using to create purchase orders?

If you want to create purchase orders from scratch, you can save your orders as HTML and then create PDFs from HTML using Saaspose.Pdf. You can also update the text in PDFs as required. Please check following links from Saaspose.Pdf documentation for more details.

You can also use a Word template for your purchase order and then use mail merge feature of Saaspose.Words to update purchase order and then save it as PDF or any other format. Please check Saaspose.Words documentation https://docs.aspose.cloud/words/ for more details.

Also, share your development platform to get links to related examples for these features.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ijaz
Support Developer, Saaspose Sialkot Team

Hi there,

So our work flow goes like this -

1. Customer places an order on our Magento store
2. Purchase order is created dynamically for each of the vendors impacted
by the customer order
3. Purchase order is sent to the vendor
4. Vendor chooses the status of the product, an estimated ship date and
which of our shipping accounts they intend to use to ship
5. Our system is updated with this information (customer order flow might
be impacted here depending on status and ship dates)
6. Magento is updated with shipping from our shipping account API's
(UPS,Fedex, FreightCenter.com)

So the key elements here are that the vendor has to interact with the
purchase order. We were going to host the purchase orders but we don't want
our vendors having to login or do anything other than click a link in an
email, view the purchase order and take action.

I wondered if this were possible with a PDF.. not sure if it is. If data
can be pushed from a PDF back into Mangento via the API.

Does that make sense?


Hi Kate,

Saaspose does not provide a viewer to view or edit documents. You can only use our API to process/edit documents. You can try http://groupdocs.com/ (our sister company) which allows you to view or edit documents. Please post your query at http://groupdocs.com/ to get more information about sending/receiving data to/from Magento store.

If you want to build your own viewer, you can use Saaspose API and PHP script to create purchase orders, edit orders and send/receive data to/from Magento.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ijaz
Support Developer, Saaspose Sialkot Team

Okay but can we update Magento with information our vendor enters into a
purchase order created using your API?

Hi Kate,

Sorry for the late response. As I mentioned earlier, our sister company GroupDocs provides such solutions. Please have a look at http://groupdocs.com/apps/assembly#

You can contact GroupDocs support at http://groupdocs.com/ for further information. I had a discussion with GroupDocs representative and he told me that they also have a plugin for Magento. So, you can create and send filled order forms to vendors, vendors can fill one or more fields (ship date etc.) and updated data can be sent to Magento.

The only requirement is, you will have to prepare the document for Assembly (i.e. purchase order in your case) in groupdocs.com. Once the form is prepared, you can add embed the form to Magento using their plugin.

Please contact GroupDocs and discuss your requirement in detail with them.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ijaz
Support Developer, Saaspose Sialkot Team

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