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Need VS For Install?

I’d like to buy Aspose.Word… but I really can’t deal with spending the $1000 for Visual Studio when 95% of my .Net needs are met in Dreamweaver which I already have. If you have install instructions for your program that don’t require Visual Studio, you’ve got a customer.


Visual Studio is not required to install or use Aspose.Word. The installer comes just as an .msi file.

I suggest you try Aspose.Word evaluation version before you buy. It is free and fully functional - just outputs watermark in the produced documents.

The only issue we know is that our demo projects are Visual Studio projects and customers had difficulties compiling them in Dreamweaver. They are still simple C# and VB code and there are still examples in the help file, just Dreamweaver does not seem to be able to open Visual Studio project files.

It helps to know I don’t need VS. I’m confident that this program can do what I want. I did download the trial. I put the dll in where I think is the right directory. All my .net programing is done is aspx file. I’ve never used dlls or anything else but an aspx file. Your api looks wonderful, easy to understand, but I have no idea how to get your dll file to work with my application. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide :slight_smile:


If you find the API easy to understand, there is plenty of code samples there. Also fully working demos are included in the installer. Although they are Visual Studio projects they consist of the same apsx and VB and C# source code files.

We don’t know much about Dreamweaver so cannot help much unfortunately. In general, I think you somehow need to “add a reference” to Aspose.Word.dll into your project. Then you will be able to just follow one of the code examples.

Ok, doing better this morning :). Looked up how to “ass a reference” in Microsofts api. Learned about the bin directory and I’m managing to create word documents without errors. Time to go play with your api and make my decision, but I’m leaning toward yes. Just have one last question. What I ultimately want to do is have a word document with a pre existing header be on the server, have the user press a button which will cause my application to write database information to the word file, and then have it open on the users computer where they can save it. It looks so far like aspose.word can do all of this, I’m just double checking before I talk to my boss about purchasing it. Thanks again for all your help, you have a really cool application.

That should read add instead of a$… sorry about that. Must not post while sleepy…


Aspose.Word was designed exactly for that purpose - populate and serve Word documents.

To fill the document with data from the database you can use several methods or a combination of them: