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Needed: The ability to load a designer spreadsheet from a Stream

Hi there!

We here at Hilton Hotels Corp. are very pleased with the Aspose.Excel product thus far and are intending to make a purchase within the next week. I have actually started working in depth with your product and have come to a point where I need additional functionality.

The whole intent for what we will be doing with your product is to create an Excel report server, where our end user hotels can request financial data over the web, and have it returned to them in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. We are intending on having the Aspose.Net product running on a server by itself with a WebServices front end so that our Web Farm can make requests of the Excel Report Server and have it generate reports and send them to the client pc.

With this in mind, I have the need to be able to pass around a Designer Spreadsheet as a memory stream or byte array and have Aspose load it from that. While it is technically possible to save the memory stream back out to a file and have Aspose.Excel load it from there, this is not an elegant solution, and I would prefer to avoid doing so if possible. One of the reasons behind this is that due to the number of reports our application can generate, and the size of some of the reports, they are stored on disk as zipfiles for which we use Xceed Zip for .Net to unzip in memory. At this point I would like to load the spreadsheet into Aspose.Excel without having to re-save it back to the hard drive as a temporary file.


Tim Trahan
Senior Programmer Analyst
Hilton Hotels Corp.

Dear Tim,

I am investigating and trying to meet your requirement as soon as posible.