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Nested tables problem


Thanks for immediate response for my last message.Now I am having other problems.

1) I have nested tables in my html and when I try to convert it into Doc it doesn't display properly.It's making width of all child tables zero.

This is the sample Html I have.


Address 2
State / Province

nested Name
nested Facility

2)What can I do for

tags? I can't use paragraphs and make borders visible.because then it's putting those lines everywhere.I need to have them wherever I have
tag. Is there any solution for that? for time being I ve work around but would be glad if I can have horizontal lines somehow. (I am replacing
tags with
tags and was able to put space)



We have a known issue with nested tables import.

tags are not supported too. I can only say that we are going to fix the most urgent HTML issues including these in the next 1-2 months.

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