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.NET 2 Support

Can you provide a version compiled against .NET 2?

although the current version works in .NET 2 it actually uses the 1.1 Runtime which is not code efficient. i think the isntallation should include an assembly for each .NET version (atleast 1.1 & 2)

Thanks, we will do in the next release. All Aspose components are getting separate .dlls for .NET 1.1 and 2.0 included in the installer.

when will a new version be released? or at least a .net 2 version?

Sorry I just did not want to give a promise. There will be more releases of Aspose.iCalendar, eventually.

I think you have to make a diffrence between a new version with new features and a new .net 2 version which is just a recompilation of the current version. i am (currently) not asking for new features i just need a .net 2 version so my project will be able to deploy on a machine with .net 2 only and not pay the performance price for jumping between runtime versions

waiting for an evntual release is pointless since you may have me waiting for 2 more years and VS vNext will be out by then and still i will not have support for that.

I don’t think it jumps between runtimes and works slower. Are you sure? What is your source? If it is indeed slower, I will make a .NET 2.0 build straight away.

i am not sure that there is a performance issue but it sounds logical to me that there will be some performance issue there. anyway i like order (like all programmers) and i do not like having a 1.1. assembly on a 2.0 project

i really think that 2.5 years after VS 2005 was released you should have released the .net 2 version of the assembly. in my project i have about 10 diffrent 3rd party assemblies and your's is the only one who wasn't compiled for .NET 2.

P.S VS vNext is just around the corner and i think you should be ready for it too and release a build immidietly when it's launched (even with no modifications).

Ok, we are doing this. There will be a release today or tomorrow.

great news! thank you

working great. thank you

BTW, another side affect of using the .net 1.1 assembly in a 2.0 environment is that the compiler issued warnings about some of the classes not being CLSCompliant. all of these warnings are now gone.

thanks again!

Sure, I forgot to mention I made it CLS compliant. There were also few other things including "allow partially trusted callers" etc stuff we've enhanced in other products over this time.


following the release of VS 2008, i am starting to gather all components for an upgarde of my app to .net 3.5. can you also compile a version against .net 3.5?


Aspose.iCalendar for.Net 2.0 works under.Net 3.5 without problems.
We will add assembly for Net 3.5 in the near future.