.net Core sample for Coversion only

We are looking for .net Core samples for Document conversion.
We are looking for Image conversion with following input and output formats only
We are specific to .net core. Any simple code sample in .net core would help me a lot
to start with. Some samples shared are not accessible for me.

Input Formats:

.TIFF (Multi Page) .TXT

Output Formats:

Single TIFF File with multiple Images


To convert PDF into PNG or TIFF, you can use Aspose.PDF. Please read the following article to convert PDF into PNG or TIFF.

You can use Aspose.Cells to convert XLS, XLSX, CSV, XLSM, TXT file formats into images. Please refer to the following article.

You can convert DOCX, DOC and other load formats to PDF and image format using Aspose.Words. Please read the following article for more detail.

Hi Tahir

Thanks for support. I was able to convert images for most of our requirements.
I am having some problem with conversion from PPT to PNG. Ie. Power point slides to PNG images. I tested PPT to PDF and TIF but PNG option is not visible for me.
I checked your web-sites and git hub . Did not find code samples for this case in .net Core using ASPOSE TOTAL nuget package
Can you help me with this ?


Please read following articles about PowerPoint document to PDF and image conversion. Hope this helps you.

Convert PowerPoint PPT and PPTX to TIFF
Convert Powerpoint PPT and PPTX to JPG
Convert PowerPoint PPT and PPTX to PDF