New HeaderFooterType Attribute Requested


Could you add a new attribute to HeaderFooterType to allow the header to be printed on all pages or just the first page. It could be patterned off of the “Type” attribute. For example, the new attribute could be configured as such:

<xsd:attribute name=“PrintHeaderOnFirstPageOnly” type=“xsd:boolean” use=“optional” default=“false”>
- xsd:annotation
xsd:documentationA bool value that indicates whether the header is only printed on the first page of the PDF. If this attribute is not set, the Header will appear on all pages.</xsd:documentation>


Dear dgertz,

Thanks for your consideration.

I will add this attribute in the next fix.


Any status on adding the new attribute? In your last post you indicated that you would be adding it in the next fix and that was 2 fixes ago.



Dear dgertz,

Thanks for your consideration.

I am sorry for the delay of adding the function you requested.

Please download hot fix here.


I need to have one header on the first page and a different one on all subsequent pages. Will this fix allow this?


Dear jendicot,

Thanks for your consideration.

You can use two sections. The first section contains the first page and the second section contains the subsequent pages. Each section has it’s own header.


No… it is all 1 section with a variable number of lines so the location of the first page break is not known at design time.


Dear jendicot,

Thanks for your consideration.

The function you need is not supported currently. I will add support for this soon. The new fix will allow setting another Header object which prints not on the first page but on all subsequent pages. How do you think about this?


Sounds good, thanks.


Dear jendicot,

Thanks for your consideration.

Please download hot fix 1.5.26 here.