New License File with Upgrade


We’re planning to upgrade from Aspose PDF .NET 17.9 to 18.10. I believe our company has a maintenance contract. Do I need to have our purchasing department request a new license file with my order?



Thank you for your enquiry. Can you please share your 12 digit order ID so I can check if you need to do anything before using the latest version of the product?


Greetings Sabrina:

I replied back via email but wasn’t sure if you received it. Am copying reply below.

Let me elaborate on our situation. Our IT department currently has version 17.9 on their approved list but we want to eventually obtain your latest version to take advantage of security patches. My thoughts are that we could order 17.9 to get our project started then upgrade through the maintenance agreement to 18.10 after corporate Cyber Security testing is complete. This approach only makes sense if the 17.9 license file works with 18.10 as any savings would be eaten up by change management. Otherwise, it might make more sense for us to order 18.10 up front and take a hit on the testing delay.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Regards, Ken.



I didn’t receive your email sorry, please make sure it was sent to and not

A purchase includes a 12 month subscription to use the latest versions and updates. If you purchased on September 2017 then it’s unlikely you can use a version released in October this year as that is more than 12 months so you will need to renew your subscription. If you can share your email address or 12 digit order ID I can check that for you.

As an alternative for testing 18.10 you can also request a 30 day temporary license from here to test for free


Thanks for the quick reply Sabrina. Just for reference, my email is Our organization normally buys site licenses for support but I’m not sure if that is the case with Aspose.

Seems like it will be less risk and less confusing for everyone if I simply put in a request for version 18.10 and schedule testing with our corporate Cyber Security. Many thanks for your advice and responsiveness on this request.

Kind Regards, Ken.



Thank you for your email and it’s my pleasure. Please advise if I can assist with anything else


Hello, I have the asposes.words license with SubscriptionExpir = 20150206, I need to update this so, What is the cost? Thanks



Thank you for your enquiry. Can I please have your email and order ID and I will look up the renewal pricing for you?