New presentation from file


Hello, I'm testing out a demo of your product and I'm having a difficult time getting it to read from an existing template. It says access is denied to the path. Could you provide some assistance? The file currently has global read permissions. Could someone help with why this might be happening?

My Code:

Aspose.Slides.Presentation pres;

pres = new Presentation("\\\\computername\\sharepath\\filename.ppt");

Error message:

Access to the path "\\\\computername\\sharepath\\filename.ppt" denied

Thanks! Your product is working great and as soon as we can establish it meets our requirement we will be purchasing it.


I just have tried to open network file and don’t have such problem.
Check better if file has read permissions.
Also you can try to create FileStream with FileMode, FileAccess and FileShare parameters,
and send it to Presentation constructor.


I found I needed to used Server.MapPath to access the file since the server does not have access to the sharepath (Because it has direct access and thus it is unnescessary).

Thanks for the quick response =)