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New Release and Its Hot Fixes

Dear customers,

Aspose.Pdf is Released on July 1 2004!

Please download the installer or check its more details.

The new release includes all the features provided in Hot Fix 1.6.* and the following is newly added:

1. Large document support. A new working mode called direct-to-file is added in which less memory is used when generating large document. Memory usuage in normal mode is also improved. For example, to generate a PDF document with 100,000 text paragraphs, the memory usage is listed below:

1.6.7 221M
1.7.0 114M
direct-to-file 34M

Please refer to Wirting Pdf file directly for more info.

2. Some bug in text alignment,line and word spacing,etc.,is fixed.

In this fix, a new method SetLicenseCOM is added to Pdf class which is used to set license in COM application.

Here is a VB-script example:

Set pdf1 = server.CreateObject(“Aspose.Pdf.Pdf”)
set sec1 = server.CreateObject(“Aspose.Pdf.Section”)
set t1 = server.CreateObject(“Aspose.Pdf.Text”)
set s1 = server.CreateObject(“Aspose.Pdf.Segment”)
s1.Content = “hello”

Please download hot fix here.

In this fix:

1) A new property IsImagesInXmlDeleteNeeded is added to Pdf class. This property is used when integration with Aspose.Word. When converting Word document to PDF, Aspose.Word will save images in Word document as file and add the file name into XML. If this property is set to true,Aspose.Pdf will delete these image files used in XML.

2) Text borders is now supported. A new property TextBorder is added to TextInfo class.

Please download hot fix here.

In this fix:

1) Table of Contents,List of Tables and List of Figures is now supported. Please refer to Table of Contents,List of Tables and List of Figures for more info.

2) The “wide” blank space bug reported in thread Word to PDF Formatting Errors is fixed.

3) The exception handling of header and footer is improved. When a header or footer is larger than the page margin, the “header or footer is too large” exception is no longer thrown. The page margin will be enlarged to make the header or footer can be displayed.

Please download hot fix here.