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New Release 1.7 and its Hot Fixes

Dear Customers, is Released.

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.7.1 is released. Please download it.

In this fix, we do the following:

PageSetup issue
Reopen file issue

Cell DateTime type

Axis label can be hidden

chart.CategoryAxis.AxisLine.IsVisible = false;
chart.ValueAxis.AxisLine.IsVisible = false;

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.7.2 is released. Please download it.

In this fix, we do the following:

Image header/footer issue

2. Added

Chart API enhancement

//Set axes’ color
chart.ValueAxis.AxisLine.Color = Color.Red;
chart.CategoryAxis.AxisLine.Color = Color.Red;
chart.MajorGridLines.Color = Color.Blue;

//Set value axis unit
chart.ValueAxis.MinValue = 1000;
chart.ValueAxis.MaxValue = 9000;
chart.ValueAxis.MajorUnit = 3000;
chart.ValueAxis.MinorUnit = 1000;

//Set tick mark type
chart.ValueAxis.MajorTickMark = TickMarkType.Cross;
chart.ValueAxis.MinorTickMark = TickMarkType.Outside;
chart.ValueAxis.TickLabelPosition = TickLabelPositionType.High;

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.7.3 is released. Please download it.

In this fix, we do the following:

Styles issue

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.7.4 is released. Please download it.

In this fix, we do the following:

Styles issue
Inaccurate large integer issue


*Axis setting

— Specify location at which the Category (X) axis crosses the data
chart.ValueAxis.CrossAt = 3.5;

–Category (X) axis crosses at maximum value for value axis
chart.ValueAxis.Crosses = CrossType.Maximum;

— Specify lograrithmic scale for the value axis
chart.ValueAxis.IsLogarithmic = true;

*DataLabels setting

–Show value
chart.NSeries[0].DataLabels.IsValueShown = true;

–Show percentage, applies to pie chart only
chart.NSeries[0].DataLabels.IsPercentageShown = true;

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.7.5 is released. Please download it.

In this fix, we do the following:

1. Fixed
AutoFitColumn issue
Cell format issue
CreateRange issue

2. Added

*Chart API enhancement

chart.Title.Text = “hello”;
chart.Title.TextFont.Color = Color.Red;
chart.Title.TextFont.Name = “Tahoma”;
chart.Title.TextFont.Size = 15;
chart.Title.TextHorizontalAlignment = TextAlignmentType.Right;
chart.Title.TextVerticalAlignment = TextAlignmentType.Justify;

chart.Legend.Position = LegendPositionType.Top;
chart.Legend.TextFont.Name = “Times New Roman”;

chart.ValueAxis.TickLabels.Font.Color = Color.Red;
chart.ValueAxis.TickLabels.Font.Name = “Times New Roman”;
chart.ValueAxis.TickLabels.Font.Size = 20;
chart.ValueAxis.TickLabels.NumberFormat = “0.00”;
chart.ValueAxis.TickLabels.Rotation = -45;

chart.CategoryAxis.TickLabels.Font.Name = “Tahoma”;
chart.CategoryAxis.TickLabels.Font.Color = Color.Blue;
chart.CategoryAxis.TickLabels.NumberFormat = “mm-dd-yyyy”;
chart.CategoryAxis.TickLabels.Rotation = 30;
chart.CategoryAxis.TickLabels.Offset = 250;
chart.CategoryAxis.CrossAt = 2;
chart.CategoryAxis.TickLabelSpacing = 2;
chart.CategoryAxis.TickMarkSpacing = 2;

chart.ValueAxis.IsLogarithmic = true;

chart.ValueAxis.IsPlotOrderReversed = true;
chart.CategoryAxis.Crosses = CrossType.Maximum;
chart.CategoryAxis.IsPlotOrderReversed = true;
chart.CategoryAxis.AxisBetweenCategories = false;

*Other methods


/// Gets cell name according to its row and column indexes.

/// Row index.
/// Column index.
/// Name of cell.
public static string CellIndexToName(int row, int column)

/// Gets the cell row and column indexes according to its name

/// Name of cell.
/// Output row index
/// Output column index
public static void CellNameToIndex(string cellName,out int row,out byte column)

*IF function support in formula

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.7.6 is released. Please download it.

In this fix, we do the following:

1. Fixed

License issue

2. Added

Operators of IF function in formula

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.7.7 is released. Please download it.

In this fix, we do the following:

1. Fixed

License issue in multi-thread app


Can you provides more details to the icense issue mention in the hotfix 1.7.6 and 1.7.7.

Our domain license don’t seem to be working with 1.7.4. Is there a known license issue that will be fixed with 1.7.6 or 1.7.7.

Is applying the hotfix simply by dropping the new dll into the application bin folder? Is there need to do a build/rebuild? (refering to .Net environment here)

It’ll be helpful if you can put in more detail to the hotfix releases in the future.

I have also notice that you had unusually high number of hotfixes to this product, how are we suppose to keep up to date with this.

Will applying the hotfix cause our existing excel report to cease functioning or produces error. It’ll be quite uncomfortable for us to see such high number of fixes and having to patch them on our production server. It’ll be quite a bit of disruption to our services running on it.

Do you have any plan to curb this?

Lim, Chee Ann


Thanks for your consideration. And sorry for any inconvenience.

Your suggestion is helpful. I will provide more details about the fixes.

Before hotfix 1.7.6, we did some internal changes to avoid piracy. But that introduce a bug in some situation. In hotfix 1.7.6, we fixed it.

Some users found a license bug when Aspose.Excel ran in a multi-thread mode in a web app. We fixed it in Fix 1.7.7.

Fixes is culmulative and backward compatible, so you can try the new fix to solve your problem.

Aspose.Excel keeps growing and new features are added per user’s request. The feature enhancement is released as a hotfix, same as bug fix. That does not only quicken our support response, but also tend to introduce bugs.

My plan to avoid this problem is to slow down the hotfix and do more tests on it.

If Aspose.Excel runs well on your production server, I suggest you not to update it until the major version is released, such as 1.7 or 1.8. Of course, if a problem occurs, you can tell us and we will fix it as soon as possible.

About the update mode, because I don’t know the exact running environment, I suggest you
test on your development machince at first and then deploy the fix on your production server.

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.7.8 is released.

In this fix, we do the following:

1. Fixed

Fail to read an Excel file which contains VBA code, please refer to the details.
If you don’t use VBA in your designer file, you can ignore it.

2. Added

3D chart Walls and Floor api support

Charts charts = excel.Worksheets[0].Charts;

int chartIndex = charts.Add(ChartType.Bar3DStacked, 10,10,20,20);
Chart chart = charts[chartIndex];
chart.NSeries.Add(“C2:C6”, true);

chart.Walls.ForegroundColor = Color.Red;
chart.Walls.Border.Color = Color.Yellow;
chart.Walls.FillFormat.SetPresetColorGradient(GradientPresetType.CalmWater, GradientStyleType.Horizontal, 1);

chart.Floor.Border.Color = Color.Green;
chart.Floor.FillFormat.SetPresetColorGradient(GradientPresetType.Horizon, GradientStyleType.FromCenter, 2);