New to Aspose.PDF Question


Hello All,

I am looking at getting ASPOSE.PDF for a project that I am working on adn I have a few questions before I buy. Here they arre:

1. Can I Alter a default PDF document, save it as a new pdf file ion a ASP.NET application.

2. When saving this file to the Web Server I want the user to simply print out the document when in acrobat.

3. Is it possible to simply print out the document using the default printer as soon as the new document loads up in the user Web Browser?




Look at the Aspose.Pdf.Kit component in response to your first question.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

I think Aspose.Pdf.Kit can meet your 1st requirement. Please go to

We provide a Class named PdfView which implements some basic print functions which may match what you want in both 2nd and 3td. Please go to

You can post up more details about your requirement here for discussion.