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Newbie Evaluation

I am evaluating the Cells product (due to significant problems with FarPoint FpSpead). I have downloaded the Total package and installed without errors. A test webforms project has references to Aspose.Cells ( and Aspose.Cells.GridWeb ( The markup on my ASPX page is:

<acw:GridWeb ID=“XL” Width=“100%” Height=“200px” runat=“server” ACWClientPath="…/acw_client"></acw:GridWeb>

This is inside a user control itself within a master page.

a) I have attached an image of the form showing that headings do not align with columns.
b) I am executing C# code behind to create a cell with validation this is as per your example:

private void SetUpAspose()
WebWorksheet sheet = XL.WebWorksheets[XL.ActiveSheetIndex];

//Accessing “B1” cell
var cell1 = sheet.Cells[0, 1];

//Putting value to “B1” cell
cell1.PutValue(“Select Course:”);

//Accessing “C1” cell
var cell = sheet.Cells[0, 2];

//Creating List validation for the “C1” cell
cell.CreateValidation(ValidationType.DropDownList, true);

//Adding values to List validation
cell.Validation.ValueList.Add(“Visual Basic”);

This compiles cleanly and when it is executed it does not generate a runtime error. However, cell C1 does not show a drop-down list

Any help would be gratefully received.

Kind regards,


Hi Paul,

Which browser type you are using? Well, currently Aspose.Cells.GridWeb does not work very well on IE10/11, so you have to use the compatibility mode of IE8/9 to work with it on IE10/11 browser type. You may try to add the following line of code in the header section in .aspx page:
Sample code:

Let us know if you still have any issue.

Thank you.

Thanks Amjad,

To be honest it looked to be more than a browser compatability issue so I didn’t check this: apologies. The problem is evident with Chrome; I use this browser for testing because I find it to be fast and most of the time very reliable - far more so than the execrable Internet Explorer. I have now tested with IE and FireFox browsers and in both cases the headings align OK, so the header alignment issue seems to be limited to Chrome.

However in none of them do I see a dropdown list.

Kind regards,


Hi Paul,

Well, I tested your scenario/ case a bit. I used your sample code and it works fine. You got to click two times in C1 cell to pop up the validation list, see the screen shot below, I used Google chrome to open the web page containing GridWeb control.

Thank you.