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Newbie: How can I make the source document suit the target after insertion between word

Hi, Thanks again for your speedy reply yesterday.Seems I got another problem.My source doument page set is vertical, but the target one is horizental. After insertion, The image from source are out of the page. Do you have any suggestion to slove this problem? Some just like set the height and width or make it autosize. I use Visual Basic by the way

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Interesting problem. Well, if you know image dimensions, you can set the size of the page in the section properties appropriately. This is done in the following way:

section.PageSetup.PageWidth = 300

section.PageSetup.PageHeight = 400

You can refer to the sections of your document using the Sections collection:

Dim section As Section = doc.Sections(index)

BTW do you also use PageSetup to change the page orientation?