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No Body-Property in class ImapMessageInfo of the Aspose.Network.Imap.ImapClient

Dear Aspose-Team,

why is there no “BODY”-property in the class ImapMessageInfo? And how can i get the body of a message with IMAP?

This issue is very urgent for me, i need to deliver my software today, so i need a fast answer.

Thanks a lot and greetings from Germany,
Stephan Bail

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Hi Stephan,

Thank you for inquiry.

ImapMessageInfo contains headers information only. To get the body and other properties, please call ImapClient.FetchMessage(sequenceNo) method to get the message in MailMessage instance. You can get the text, html body and other properties from the instance of MailMessage.

For an example of saving all messages from an IMAP server to local disk, please visit this page.