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No calculation with excel formulas


I have a big problem with Aspose Excel or Aspose.Cells. I'm using VS2003 and the Versions of Aspose.Excel or of Aspose.Cells. When these versions of your components are opening an Excel-Sheet and replaces any formulas of named ranges, excel is throwing an error while calculating fields.

E.g.: ...
// this is a range named "RangeA"
rangeA.Formula = "=0.03"
// this is a range named "RangeB". It shows a fielderror after writing formula to the cell
rangeB.Formula = "=if(RangeA=0.03,""is 0.03"",""is not 0.03"""

The cell "RangeA" shows the correct value.
The cell "RangeB" shows an error with type "One of the fields in the formula are of the wrong type!".

Now, in excel if I recalculate the cell, there was no error anymore.

Please can you give me feedback for what can I do?

Thank you!!!

I am not clear about your need. Could you post sample code and template file to show your problem?

Thank you for your quick answer.

I made a small example.

Please try this attached version.