No image with Code39Extended and Asterisks


Our client’s barcode reader requires an asterisk at the start & end of the barcode. When I set the CodeText to (for example) “AP000000123”, I get no image produced. I’ve set the Symbology to Code39Extended. As soon as I remove the * characters, the bar code image is produced perfectly.


Dear PhillipInce,

To show asterisks under the barcode image, you can hide the codetext, and then set the captionbelow.

For example,

//hide the codetext shown under the image
barCodeControl1.CodeLocation = CodeLocation.None;
//set the code to be encoded to barcode image
barCodeControl1.CodeText = “AP000000123”;
//show the captionbelow
barCodeControl1.CaptionBelow.visible = true;
//set the captionbelow text that contains the asterisks
barCodeControl1.CaptionBelow.Text = “AP000000123”;