No Text Control Compenent


Unlike the TX Text control or Richtext box this one doesn’t have the text control. SO how are we suppose to create a document then. How do we retrieve the document and display them? TX Text control have a text compenent where we can type in like MS Word and save the document


Aspose.Word is not a visual component for editing documents.

There are many applications that don't need visual editing. Often the task is to programmatically open a document, populate it with data and save or extract some data from it.

We plan to implement printer and viewer controls later. Printing will be possible to do on the server without visual output too. Viewer will allow read only document viewing and printing features to built into your application.

There are no plans at the moment to produce a document editing control at Aspose. MS VSTO 2005 is very close to this, it allows to have nice document editing front ends to .NET applications. Of course the front end is MS Office. From my personal experience TX TextControl lacks a lot of features and will probably lose ground to VSTO 2005.