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Non fillable forms

I am new to this forum. I am looking for a .net component to fill acrobat forms. I need to fill the fillable and non fillable both type of forms.

Is Apose.Form is good for me or what. From the online description I have taken the imporession that this component is only good for fillable forms.

I would appreciate if any member can provide me some details on how fill non fillable forms, how to create additional fillable fields in an existing form (USA INS forms), I will appreciate it.



Dear azharmahmood,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

1)The non fillable field means Button Field?
Tommorrow, a new version will release. Its new feature is to set a image into a button. Will that fullfill your requirements.
2)Dynamically revising the pdf is not a simple thing. To remove or flatten some field may be ok. But to add new field to the existing form is difficult. Could you describe your requirement in detail? Perhaps we could implement the function to our best.

Best regards.

Thanks for your reply.
By non fillable forms I mean an acrobat form which has space to enter some text or has a check box but they are not defined as fields.

If you need to enter text in that box, you wont be able to do that because actually thats not a fields.

How would u fill that?

My requirements is that I need to fill out US INS forms via my web site, some of their forms are fillable (they have fields defined) some are not fillable. I have to fill out both type of forms. I spoke to another company they told me that in non fillable forms I have to get the coordinates of the location where I have to enter text and then I can draw text at that location.

You can check a product which does that at the following url


Dear Azhar,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Adding text on non fillable form you descripted is concerned by Aspose.Pdf.Form and Aspose.Pdf.Kit development team now. We'll try our best to implement the feature in the next release.

Best regards.