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Normal vs Raw methods

What is the difference between Normal and Raw methods ?

Example : setFontBold and setRawFontBold in Portion class


Dear nuller,

I have forwarded your question to technical team to be answered.

Hello nuller,

As you know presentations have master slides where standard text styles stored.
In case text style inherited from master then Raw property will have ‘-1’ or something similar.
Normal method will return real value of the text property.
If text is not inherited from master then Normal and Raw methods will return the same values.
Actually, you don’t need Raw methods for working with presentations.

Thanks msfaiz and alcrus

If you call getRawXXX() on the default Paragraph/Portion itself does it return a value or -1? Where is/are the default Paragraph/Portion(s)? I would have expected them to be on the Master Slide Paragraph/Portions that read,

“Click to edit Master text styles”

and so on but calling the Raw methods on those returns -1.

Is there a way to access the Master Style directly? Where does it get saved in the DOM that is posted in the Wiki?


To access master styles, you will have to read Paragraph/Portion properties from master slide.

You can get the reference to master slide from normal slide using this code

Slide mstrSld = srcPres.getSlideById(normalSld.getMasterId());

Then you can iterate through all the shapes on the Master slide (mstrSld) and check if the shape has textframe

If(shp.getTextFrame() != null)

And if it has textframe, then read master styles from the paragraphs and portions collection.

Thank you for the speedy reply.

This only partially answers my question. Since I was already traversing the Paragraphs and Portions collections from the Master Slide, I know that I have at least that part correct.

However, my problem is that the getRawXXX() methods all return -1 on those Paragraphs and Portions. Is this the expected behavior? I would expect that those methods on (most of) those Paragraphs and Portions would never return -1.


Actually, I have an additional question. Does

Slide mstrSld=srcPres.getSlideById(normalSld.getMasterId());

return a different slide than


Cheers, Steve

One more time....I"ve just determined that those methods do not return the same thing...what is the difference? How can there be more than one master slide?

Cheers, Steve

Dear Steve,

getSlideById can return three types of slides namely normal slides, slide masters and title masters.

But getMainMaster only returns slide master.