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Northwind demo will not install

Hi There

The attached file will display the error

Unfortunatly I have also not been able to run any demo or sample project s for

PDF kit



VB2005 XP pro

Many Thanks

Dear Andre,

Sorry for your trouble.

Please provide me more information about this error. Moreover, do you have installed Internet Information Server (IIS) on your system?

I am going to download it from our website and check it by myself. Please also download and try Aspose.Total Northwind Demos (VB) from this URL:

Dear Andre,

I downloaded Aspose.Total Northwind Demos VS 2003 (C#) and installed. It worked fine without any problems. I am using Windows XP Pro SP2, IIS, VS 2003 and VS 2005. Please try downloading and install it again.

Anyways, i will still try to run it on more machines to reproduce the problem reported by you.

Dear Andre,

I have reproduced this error. Salman is working to fix this problem. As a workaround, please download each product and run the domo project in after installing the product. Sorry for the inconvenience.