Not able to find a section

I want extract a particular data from word file . But m not able to locate section for that data.
How can i locate section for that data?

Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please provide me more information about your requirement? It is not quite clear for me what data you would like to extract. You also can attach your document for reviewing.
Best regards.

I have a word file, from that i want to read data, and for a particular data say " DATASET : XYZ" , i want to replace this "XYZ by new data “ABC” . for that m finding the index of “DATASET” and trying to replace XYZ with ABC. But my problem is that in the word file m not able to locate the section where this DATASET is present.
I m using ,

Section lobjSec = lobjDoc.Sections[0]; 
Body lobjBody = lobjSec.Body;

In this body m trying to search my data that i need to change.
But m not able to find Section for it, I have tried with all number (section [0],section[1]… even with negative numbers.) But m not able to find that section for the Data that i want to change.
What can be the possible solution for this?

Thanks for your inquiry. I think that you can insert bookmark where you need to insert data and insert this data into the bookmark. Also I think you can create template document that contains merge field and use mail merge to populate template with data.
Could you also attach your document and provide me your code?
Best regards.