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Not able to set Calendar Timezone


Ans of first question: Machine timezone is IST where i am running the app and opening the PST
image.png (195.7 KB)

As suggested i have commented the given code and run TimeZoneIssue1.
Below is screenshot of resultant PST in outlook 2016
image.png (184.2 KB)


Thank you for sharing the details with us. We will share feedback with you as soon as it will be available.


We have prepared a new solution for you. Can you please share feedback if the output is correct or incorrect in Outlook 2010 and above on your end. Please also pay attention to comments we have included in the code as it may help solving your concern about generic solution.

TimeZoneIssue2.zip (219.7 KB)


Tried your solution TimeZoneIssue2 and PST is created by running it.

Still facing same issue… Please refer screenshot…using outlook 2010 and above
image.png (172.4 KB)


Thank you for your feedback. I have added information in our issue tracking system for further analysis.

I see that issue is not same. In previous project the result was 11:00 PM(Fiji), but last project give result 11:00 AM (Fiji). I understand you concern about 11 but it seems to me this is bug(or feature) of Outlook. I created the same appointment in Outlook manually (without any using Aspose.Email) and got the same result as using Aspose.Email.Please see attached screenshot( blue calendar - manually, green - Aspose.Email). I compare AppointmentStartWhole and AppointmentEndWhole by OutlookSpy(these values in UTC) and displayed dates in Outlook (these values in Fiji time). I could not find any differences. In Outlook 2016 the result is same. Please check on you end.
2010.jpg (3.4 MB)
2016.jpg (1.9 MB)


i have gone through above reply concern is not about am and pm OR it is not about FIJI timezone only…timezone can be anything…
as already said i am taking backup of my G suite account in my tool via aspose and when i open .pst file which is created by aspose.email 20.3 in outlook 2007 result is appropriate but when i open same .pst file in outlook 2010 and above timings are different. (not in Outlook spy even)

  1. Earlier Timezone was not displaying but after TimeZone1 and TimeZone2 solution Time zone is getting displayed. But There is DIFFERENCE IN TIMINGS…

  2. I have checked manually creation of .Pst in outlook 2007 and same file i checked in outlook 2010 and above its exact same.


Thank you for sharing the feedback and I have associated information in our issue tracking system. We will update you as soon as any information will be available.

@Shital_diwate,TimeZoneIssue3.zip (22.3 KB)

We investigated this situation and found that Asose.Email is working correctly.
The difference in 2010 and 2007 is due to an error in 2007 (it seems to me because it is no longer supported).
In 2010, the time is displayed correctly considering DST for Fiji -
Fiji announced that the country DST schedule for this year ends at 02: 00: 00: 000 on January 19.

I attached a test project where you can check it out.
Timezones and rules are created and populated automatically from TimesoneInfo, now this project is for the .NET Framevork version of Asose.Email, but after the release of 20.5, this code can be used for the Asose.Email version of .NET Core.
In AE 20.5 fixed:

  • time zones are displayed
    -support for automatic creation and filling of time zones added for version of Asose.Email .NET Core.

You wrote:
<<< i have gone through above reply concern is not about am and pm OR it is not about FIJI timezone only … timezone can be anything
We can look at specific errors, above I described the reason for the time difference between 2007 and 2010 for the time zone of Fiji.
If you have other remarks, we are ready to investigate and correct them if necessary.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as EMAILNET-39794) have been fixed in this update.