Not displayed after some gifs are converted to html

Three gifs are inserted into the spreadsheet. After being directly converted to html through the aspose interface, two gifs are not displayed, and one is displayed
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image.png (50.1 KB)

this is my excel: (4.7 MB)

this is the code:

Workbook workbook = new Workbook("D://Aspose//EPPR_56345//EPPR_56345.xlsx");"D://Aspose//EPPR_56345//output/EPPR_56345.html",  SaveFormat.HTML);


Thanks for the sample files and screenshots.

We will evaluate your issue and get back to you soon.


I tested your scenario/case using your template XLSX file. I first opened your template XLSX file into MS Excel (2016) manually and found the top two pictures are not shown at all. However the bottom gif is displayed fine. See the screenshot for your reference.
sc_shot1.png (158.6 KB)

I then used your sample code with your template file using our latest version/fix, Aspose.Cells for Java v22.9 (Download | Maven), please try it. It works fine and the bottom gif is displayed fine same as what MS Excel displays it (dynamically).