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Not Enough Information to Programm Tool

Our government organization has purchased the Aspose Powerpoint tool.

There was not enough information supplied on how to get started using this tool. We have downloaded and created the virtual directory, but there are no directions on how to proceed to associate the pages with the database. Is a compiler required?

We are requesting specific code examples of pulling information from the database to create slide presentations.

The tool that we are creating will be used on a grand scale, nationally. This would provide Aspose with continued sales as organizations buy our web tool.

We are disappointed in the lack of documentation for guidance. We were in the process of purchasing additional Aspose tools, but the additional purchase is on hold until we work out this issue.

We are requesting satisfactory information and documentation on creating slide presentations from the database. Otherwise, we will be compelled to request a refund of our purchase.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.


Dear Carla,

It looks like you didn’t even try to search information.

Before requesting code examples it would be great if you check:

  1. Demos installed with Aspose.PowerPoint
  2. Aspose.PowerPoint Northwind demo.
  3. “Getting Started” and “Programmer’s Guide” in the Wiki.
  4. API Reference.

    One more thing. If you purchased OEM license

    your tool can’t provide Aspose with any additional sales.