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Notes of PPTX files are not coming in converted PDF file

Notes of .pptx files are not coming in converted .pdf file .PFa for the pptx which I am trying to convertAspose test.pptxPdf_Notes_out.pdf (118.9 KB)

Please le me know is it possible to have pptx notes in converted pdf using “Aspose.Slides;”?

note: tried with code presentation.Save(path + “Pdf_Notes_out.pdf”, SaveFormat.Pdf); but didn’t worked,


Welcome to our community! Thank you for the PDF output file and code example.
Could you please share the PPTX file and a screenshot of the problem?

Also, please specify the version of Aspose.Slides you are using and check the issue with the latest version of Aspose.Slides.


Thanks for replying back

I am using version of Aspose.slides. As per my understanding its the latest version of dll.

I tried to attach pptx file but site validation is not allowing me to do so.

I am attaching one screenshot describing the problem
note conversion prob.PNG (61.2 KB)

Aspose test.pptxPdf_Notes_out.pdf (41.1 KB)

Please let me know if you need any further clarification Waiting to hear back from you please.


Thank you for the additional information.

You can compress the PPTX file to a ZIP archive and upload it. Another way is to share a link to the file in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Pfa for the pptx file. Aspose test.zip (26.5 KB)


You can convert presentations to PDF files with notes as below:

PdfOptions pdfOptions = new PdfOptions();
pdfOptions.NotesCommentsLayouting.NotesPosition = NotesPositions.BottomFull;

Presentation presentation = new Presentation(dataPath + "Aspose test.pptx");
presentation.Save(dataPath + "Aspose test-out.pdf", SaveFormat.Pdf, pdfOptions);

More details: Convert PowerPoint PPT and PPTX to PDF
API Reference: PdfOptions Class

Thank you very much .Now its working perfectly