Nothing is being filled into the form


Hi, this is the code i have in my winform

Dim templatePdf As String

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdSave.Click
templatePdf = "rc.pdf"
FillFields(templatePdf, File.Open("cr.pdf", FileMode.OpenOrCreate))
End Sub

Sub FillFields(ByVal templatePdf As String, ByVal outputStream As System.IO.Stream)
Dim form As New Form(templatePdf, outputStream)
form.FillField(form.FieldsNames(0).ToString, "Nrupesh")
End Sub

there is no error poping up and also whole rc.pdf gets copied into cr.pdf but the name i filled in to the file does not appear on the new file that is generated. Hope i am clear enough!

could anyone help plz!


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Could u attach cr.pdf? we would like to run a test to locate the issue.

BTW, plz make sure that you use the latest relase to avoid unexpected troubles.


heres cr.pdf


Thanks for considering Aspose.

We have reproduce your error and will fix it up ASAP.


Dear Nrupesh,

I have tested your pdf.

Your pdf is created by Adobe Designer 7.0. This new kind of pdf (all fields are XFA fields) is not supported now.

So I suggest you to create the pdf using the Adobe Acobat Professional. That is supported well.

Best regards.