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NullReferenceException calling DeleteRow

In Aspose.Cells, a call to sheet.Cells.DeleteRow sometimes fails with a NullReferenceException. This is in code that has been working for at least a year, the only change being the .Cells version. In fact, it worked as recently as .Cells

In the code fragment below, you can see that the row indicated by "rows+2" is (created and) each column is filled with a constant string. Then, AutofitColumns is executed and finally the row is deleted. I'll provide the best information I can but I do not have an easily reproducible example as of yet. It doesn't appear to be a hard failure in that sometimes the code executes correctly.

Error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance
of an object.


ዺ.ዹ.݃(int ٹ = 1305, int ࢞ = -1, Aspose.Cells.Worksheet ׮ = {Aspose.Cells.Worksheet}) + 0xfe bytes
ዺ.ጹ.݃(int ب = 1305, int ߄ = -1, Aspose.Cells.Worksheet ׮ = {Aspose.Cells.Worksheet}) + 0x54 bytes
Aspose.Cells.Cells.DeleteRows(int rowIndex = 1305, int totalRows = 1) + 0x821 bytes
Aspose.Cells.Cells.DeleteRow(int rowIndex = 1305) + 0x30 bytes
ModelSheet.AsposeGenerator.AsposeGenerator.DeleteRow(object exsheet = {Aspose.Cells.Worksheet}, int nrow = 1306) Line 428 + 0x1c bytes C#
ModelSheet.Model.Spreadsheet.BasicExcelGenerator.SaveBookAs(ModelSheet.Model.Spreadsheet.Workbook book = "Workbook Advanced Template", string fullname = null, ModelSheet.Model.ProgressStep monitor = {ModelSheet.Model.ProgressStep}, string filetype = "xls") Line 632 + 0x14 bytes C#

My version of DeleteRow:
public override void DeleteRow(Object exsheet, int nrow) {
Worksheet assheet=(Worksheet)exsheet;

The code fragment that calls DeleteRow:
if (sheet.WantAutofit) {
if (sizer!="") {
// Put in the sizer string at the bottom of each column to
// influence autofit behavior
for (int nc=1; nc<=cols; nc++) SetValue(GetCell(exsheet, rows+2, nc), sizer);
if (colfixedwidth<=0.0) AutofitColumns(exsheet);
if (sizer!="") {
// Remove the sizer row
DeleteRow(exsheet, rows+2); // ***** This is the call that causes the exception
if (colfixedwidth>0.0 || colpctfudge>0.0) {
// Do final adjustments on column widths
for (int nc=1; nc<=cols; nc++) {
double width=colfixedwidth;
if (width<=0.0) width=GetColumnWidth(exsheet, nc);
SetColumnWidth(exsheet, nc, Math.Min(width*(colpctfudge+1.0), 255.0));



Thanks for pointing it out.

We will look into your issue. But, as you said, the issue does not happen each time. We do appreciate if you could create a simple (runnable) example/console demo application to reproduce the issue on our end. This would surely help us to evaluate the issue to certain extent, so we can figure it out very quickly.

Thank you.