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NullReferenceException on GetEWSClient call

Calling GetEWSClient(mailboxurl, username, password, domain) in Aspose 5.9.0 to connect to an exchange 2007 or 2003 server.

The problem seems quite similar to this, if not the same. However it is suggested that it is fixed.

I assume you would like a test account sent to you for testing?



Thank you for posting your inquiry.

You can not use the EWSClient with Exchange Server 2003 as thisExchange server supports WebDav protocols only. It was after Exchange Server 2007 that Microsoft provided the EWS service for accessing exchange accounts. We are able to connect to Exchange Servers 2010 and 2013 using the IEWSClient interface and following test credentials. Please try these at your end and share your feedback with us.

Please use the ExchangeClient class as shown in the example code below for connecting to Exchange Server 2003.

Test Credentials for Office365 account:
Username: Userone@AsposeDec2015.onmicrosoft.com
Password: Aspose1234

Sample Code for Connecting to Exchange Server 2003:

// Create instance of ExchangeClient class by giving credentials
ExchangeClient client = new ExchangeClient(“http://MachineName/exchange/Username”,“Username”, “password”, “domain”);

Thank you for your reply.

After reading your response i realised i miss read “after Exchange2007”, so this was indeed my fault.

I have implemented ExchangeClient and it works perfectly fine connecting to our server.

IEWSClient functions fine with the credentials supplied.

Thank you again.


We are glad to know that your issues are resolved. Please feel free to write us again for any other issue or suggestions.