Number of pages or Size (in byte) of the document


Hi there,

the situation here is that we have to do a mailing to 20,000 members.

So for now, it's 1 page per members.. so we have to generate a 20,000 pages word document.. so that's way too big !! so we want to have like 1000 document of 200 pages..

for now, that's easy because the document we use to generated this is 1 page long.. but what if I want the user to select the original document.. is there a way for me to know the number of page that document has ?

If I remember correctly, this feature wasn't added yet to Aspose.Word..

So if it is not yet added, is there a way to know the size of the document.. so I instead of separating my document by number of pages, I could separate it by number of bytes so I can say I don't want files bigger than 10 mb..




Sorry, nothing from the mentioned methods seems to be possible at the moment... To obtain the size of the document, it must be saved first... I don't think it is suitable.