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Number of rows limitation

Hi, is there any limitations on how many number of rows/records you can create using Aspose version 5? I'm saving the Aspose workbook Excel2007Xlsx. The error I'm getting is "Invalid formula in cell I65586: =SUM(R[-70]C:R[-1]C)Invalid formula in cell I65586: =SUM(R[-70]C:R[-1]C)".



We cannot help you much regarding the older version e.g v5.x that you are using. It looks that in older version you cannot refer rows more than 65536 and you cannot refer to columns more than 256 even using Excel 2007 XLSX format. It might be a limitation with that older version. But this limitation is removed and now using latest versions e.g 7.x.x, you can handle this. We recommend you try our latest version e.g v7.0.2 if you want to negotiate with more than 65536 rows.

Thank you.