numbercutoff issue

Hi Aspose,

My name is Kevin Park and I am working for Moody’s analytics Inc

We are in the middle of evaluating Aspose Cell product-Java.

We have some technical questions and I am attaching this test result for the reference.

Basically, the problem is all those numbers got cut off. We are wondering whether this is because we are using trial version?

If you could give us some information about how to resolve this issue,

That would be very helpful for us to move on with your product.
numbercutoff.png (496.0 KB)


Thanks for providing us screenshot and some details.

I think you are rendering your spreadsheet to PDF file format. Well, without your template Excel file for evaluation, I am not entirely sure if this is an issue with your file or something else. As a workaround to cope with your issue, you may try setting auto-fit rows operations if this makes any difference. See the sample line of code that you may add before rendering/saving:
Sample code:

//Autofit rows in the first worksheet

If this does not resolve your issue, kindly do provide your template file, we will check it soon.

thank you for your support. (44.0 KB)
we will try your suggestions. however, please take a look at the attachment. it has the original excel file.


Thanks for the template file.

I have tested your scenario/ case using your template file and following sample code with latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for Java v19.4.x, it works fine and the output PDF file is fine tuned:
Sample code:

Workbook workbook = new Workbook("f:\\files\\2016 - ABC, Inc. balance sheet(1).xlsx");"f:\\files\\out1.pdf");  

Please find attached the output PDF file for your reference.
out1.pdf (68.9 KB)

Now let us come towards your issue, well, after closely looking into your issue using your provided PDF file, I come to know the underlying fonts used in the workbook (e.g “Calibri”) is not used at all in the output PDF file format (instead some “Tibetan” font is used in substitution as the API could not find the required font), so your issue might be due to missing fonts issue on your environment. It looks like your issue is due to missing font (used in the workbook) or the API could not find the underlying font files. You should specify your font folder (containing the required fonts (.ttf files) in it) at the start of the program, see the document for your reference:

After installing and setting the required fonts (e.g “Arial”, “Calibri”), you issue should be fixed.

Let us know if you still have any issue or confusion.