Numeric data more than 8 digits exported incorrectly - Urgent



I’m facing a problem here, all numeric data more than 8 digits exported to Excel shown incorrectly.

For example, export data 123456789 to Excel become 123456792

if I export 12345678 to Excel, it show correctly.

I know there is a limitation in Excel which unable to show the numeric data more than 15 digits correctly. e.g. 1234567890123456789 becomes 1234567890123450000

But for numeric data less than or equal to 15 digits, it suppose to be correctly exported. Can you get this fix.

Thanks in advance!



Sorry for the inconvenience. But when I use Cell.PutValue(123456789), it works fine.
Have you tried fix

Could you post your code here? And if possible, please send the result file to me.




I have found the problem and fix it in fix 1.7.4. Please download it.


Thank you very much, it works now!

But I found another issue in this fix, the custom style that I defined works in fix 1.6.0 but unable to work properly in the latest fix 1.7.4.

styleIndex = excel.Styles.Add();
style = excel.Styles[styleIndex];
style.Custom = “dd-mmm-yyyy”;
style.Name = “CustomDate”;

cells[1,1].Style = excel.Styles[“CustomDate”];

The result exported to Excel becomes 37951, it suppose to be 26-Nov-2003

Do you have any idea why this happen?


Dear forbi,

Sorry, it’s a bug. Please download fix I have fixed it.


Yap it works now! Thanks!