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Object Changed Issue - Bounty?

We (QuestionPro) have been using many aspose products over the last couple of years (Slides, Words, Cells and PDF) very effectively. Love the products and is a kick ass solution for Java shops like us.

I also have been looking at the Object changed issue on Slides for a long time. Well, when I say “looking” I mean looking at the threads to see if someone can come up with a no-additional-work solution.

I also fully understand that this is not an Aspose issue but a combination of how PowerPoint not having an onload macro etc. I think the folks at Aspose are probably very tired of hearing this issue again and again. Just looking at the forum, this comes up every 2/3 weeks!

I know there are solutions where clients can install an add-in and solve the issue. If I were to break the issue down to a 90% use-case, I think most customers want a solution that can embed an excel chart. OK - let me put it this way, I would like to have a solution where I can put in an excel chart into the slide without having to request the client to install anything.

I know you can put a bitmap image, but there is no way to get an BMP rendering of the Excel Chart with Aspose Cells. So, that really is a catch 22.

Now, I am not here to *** and complain – I am thinking that the smart folks at Aspose can solve this issue (even though its really not technically an Aspose issue.) – What I would like to propose it to put my money where my mouth is. I understand that Aspose folks have things to do – but I would like to make this worth their while to solve my problem.

How about there be some sort of a bounty/fund to solve this problem? In fact I would like to put in $10,000 (yes 10 grand) into the fund. If that is sufficient for the Aspose folks to have a Java based server-side solution to the problem, great – I have no problem paying the money to solve the issue. If the aspose folks need more time/money, lets hear how much it is! I am sure there is someone else other than me who would be also willing to put some chips on the table to get this issue solved once for all!

I’ve done this before with other (albeit open source) tools that I’ve used (flowplayer) – where I needed a feature, and paid for it – even though the feature would be available to everyone (its open-source!) I really think the bounty represents the opportunity cost for Aspose to solve the problem. Being in the software business myself I fully well understand opportunity cost. I don’t work for free either! Quite frankly , the 10k represents my opportunity cost :wink:

NOTE: I am not looking for some consultant to give me a workaround. I would like to see this as part of the Slides tool. Thus I am protected agains future upgrades etc.

Vivek Bhaskaran
Survey Analytics LLC

Dear Vivek,

If you don’t want to install anything on the client side, can you ask your client to just run a single VBA macro that updates all OLE objects in your output presentation? If it is possible, than you just have to embed a small VBA macro in your template presentation and your problem is solved forever.

Not really.

Lets think about this. We have thousands of clients that download their data in PPT format. If we ask them to do anything other than simply downloading the file and opening it up, it’ll be a support nightmare (just like this issue is a support nightmare for you guys :wink:

Judging by your suggestion, I am suspecting that 10k is not good enough for the bounty. Let me know what the number is. I’ll either put up or shut up.


I am sorry; my suggestion doesn’t seem to work. What I was thinking that you could make such dependency a system requirement of your software?

I have requested technical team lead to respond to your post as early as possible. Probably, he would have something good to help you.

Hello Vivek,

It must be a good idea to ask excel charts rendering feature in Aspose.Cells forum.
I think the more requests will be in Cells forum the more probability of developing it.
Our team definitely won’t develop any excel/word rendering.