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Object Ref Error

Hi guys, we have asp.net app converting word stream to PDF and on one server we get sporadic object ref. errors. Here’s the call stack that we got from MS guys and IIS. Is there any way you can see from this what method in the PDF component happens to be raising an object ref error? See .[1] below.


aspose.pdf .net ver

18 0000000012c1c180 000007fefdbba06d ntdll!KiUserExceptionDispatch+0x2e
19 0000000012c1c8a0 000007fef60f449c KERNELBASE!RaiseException+0x39
1a 0000000012c1c970 000007fef60f44ea clr!NakedThrowHelper2+0xc
1b 0000000012c1c9a0 000007fef60f44f5 clr!NakedThrowHelper_RspAligned+0x3d
1c 0000000012c1cf18 000007fe9905e95f clr!zzz_AsmCodeRange_End
1d 0000000012c1cf20 000007fe9905de6b Aspose_Pdf! .1+0xef
1e 0000000012c1cfb0 000007fe989b297c Aspose_Pdf! .[1](System.String, System.Reflection.Assembly)+0xdb
1f 0000000012c1d010 000007fe99428452 pdfModel.GeneratePDF(System.Web.HttpServerUtilityBase, System.String, Models.RazorReport, Boolean)+0x2ec

Aspose.Pdf API cannot convert a Word document to PDF. Aspose.Words API can convert a Word document to PDF. Please refer to this help topic: Convert Microsoft Word document to PDF with Aspose.Words API. If this does not help, then kindly send us your source Word document and code, we will investigate and share our findings with you.

Hi, Sorry I mis-spoke about Word - the developer used to use word. This was just html converted to a stream and then the stream is sent to PDF and to the browser. Couple questions we have for you.
a. Is possible to see from stack trace what might be failing?
b. is possible to get debug DLLs from you for 17.5?
c. Are there any known object refs issues with PDF in 17.5?
d. Is PDF component thread-safe?


We recommend our clients to post each their problem in the form of a use case, including source documents, code and scenario details, so that we could replicate the same problem in our environment. Once the problem is reproducible in our environment, then we resolve and incorporate its fix in the upcoming versions of the Aspose.Pdf API. The stack trace of the error can help us, but it does not always help. Our internal development teams can debug the code base and we provide fixes in the latest code base. We do not provide a separate fix in the old code base. Aspose.Pdf API is multi-threaded safe as long as only one thread works on a document at a time.

Thanks! We are in a bind because this is in production. Can you at least give me an idea if this stack trace you think is comnig from a call to new PDF (stream) or PDF(Save) or could it be the SetLicense? code which happens before this? We will try to get more concrete info - trying to figure out a way to capture the stream that fails.

Based on the stack trace, it appears as it is due to some access violation of generic collections. However, we are not certain about the line of code where this error occurs. We require all details of the use case, so that we could replicate this error in our environment. We will investigate and share our findings with you.