Objects within drawing canvas disappear


After creating a MailMerge document, drawing objects within a drawing canvas put in the Header disappear on print or after changing the view to "normal" and back to "page layout" (Aspose.Word and MS Office Word 2003). The objects are really lost, and the document looses weight, when saved. Text within the same area remains as is.
Is this an expected behavior?
We attach a sample document for your verification.

Thanks for your advice



Thanks for the request, we'll look into the issue soon.


Sorry for the delay, I just got to look at the issue now. Indeed the effect is as you describe it, yet all our other test documents do not exhibit this and work fine.

Please attach the original document, before processing it by Aspose.Word, it will help to fix it.

Also, the drawing is some sort of a complex vector drawing where each character is drawn in a separate shape. If you want to workaround, replace the vector drawing with a raster image.


Please try it with the latest version of Aspose.Words (3.6) and report if the problem still persists.