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Off by one error with Max Occurrences

Using the Aspose Demo:

1 - Monthly, First Weekday of every month, Start: 1/15/2000, End: After 5 occurrences

Would expect 5 occurrences to be generated starting with first weekday in February. Instead 4 occurrences are generated.

Occurs in various situations for Monthly and Yearly.

Thanks for the report. Yes, this seems to be a problem. Will fix ASAP.

This has now been fixed, please download Aspose.Word 1.1.10.

The problem was only in monthly recurrence patterns, only when you have MaxOccurrences limit and only when the start date of the pattern is greater than the date of the occurrence in that month.

All yearly patterns were working okay. You probably got problems with yearly patterns in the online demo because it was limited to dates withing 1st half of year 2000. I have updated the online demo so it uses a proper license and generates dates from 2000 to 2010.

Thank you for the quick response.