Office drawing objects are not yet supported


From Jason Michael Perry:

I getting the following error message. Any thoughts?

Office drawing objects are not yet supported.

Heres the Asp.Net C# code I’m using. It’s a bit piecemeal because it appears like the MailMerge function is gone… Do you have updated documentation for version 1.1 or an updated set of demos?


Hi Jason,

“Office drawing objects are not yet supported.” message is caused by Office drawing objects you have in your document like rectangles, textboxes etc. These are not yet supported. If you only need to draw frames around text then I suggest you use a table. Just create a table, arrange text inside it and apply borders and shading. You will be able to achieve most of what you want. Office drawings will be supported in 1.2 (end of Februrary).

MailMerge function turned into MailMerge object.
Also, during mail merge a new document is created, not merging into original document as before. Essentially:

Document mergeDoc = mainDoc.MailMerge.Execute(params);

Both demos and documentation are updated. Either download full installer or see documentation and demos online.