On MailMerge.Execute- how to find the wrong mergefield?



First, Thanks for your nice job !

I work with asp.net, so my users could modify their Word documents on their computer and send the document to the server for the mailmerge. That's OK.

For advance security, i want to add a functionnality which allow the user to "Test" the validity of their document (after send it to the server).

Actually, i just have a block try-catch like this (with delphi 8 .net so in pascal language ..):
//Fill the fields in the document with user data.
response.write('ERROR : AT LEAST A MERGEFIELD WAS WRONG IN YOUR DOCUMENT Please, modify it !

It's better than nothing, but i think that we have to indicate more information to the end-user. If i could write the name of the wrong mergefield, it should made the end-user work very easiest !
I try to find a way to indicate the name of the wrong mergefield.

Thanks for your help !


Not sure what do you mean “wrong mergefield”?

If you have a merge field in a document with a name that is not available in the data source, there is no exception thrown, the merge field is simply not filled with data.

Vice versa, if you have a field in your data source and there is no matching merge field in the document, the data field is not used.