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On web Grid Cells.Custom = "#-##0.00" shows different numbers on different web servers


We use the web grid with the custom number format:

sheet.Cells[0,4].Custom = “#,##0.00”;

On the local machine it shows the number “1234567,89” as
1 234 567,89

But on a different server it is multiplied by 100 and shown as


Any ideas?

The regional settings are the same (set to Hungarian as desired).



Thanks for considering Aspose.

Are you using Aspose.Grid.Web?

Could you elaborate and give some details about your second server (OS, BrowserType, IIS, .NET framework, VS.NET etc.). And whether the data shown in the first machine is fine or not.

Thank you.


Yes we are using Aspose.Grid.Web.

Having read about the problem on the net the we might set the HtmlEncode=false but I don’t know how for the Aspose Grid fields.

The system properties where the grid is working properly are:

MS Windows XP
Version 2002 SP2

Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180

Internet Information Services

Microsoft Corporation

Version: 5.1


We use VS 2003 and the compiled code runs properly on this mashine as localhost.

Whenever we copy the project to the other mashine the problem occurs.

The other server:

MS Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2
IIS V6.0