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One Last Q FRo Me For Today - Carriage Returns/Paragraphs

I have a table with some place holders that I am replacing

The place holder is a single line. What I am replacing it with is multiple lines.

I have worked out that I can’t just go and replace the portion text with something containing carriage returns.

So I have tried to do it with Paragraphs instead. But, when I open the modified PPT file in powerpoint the table cells have not automatically resized to accept my text.

If I edit the text slightly in PPT they resize.

Idealy I want to keep the same formatting for my paragraphs- my current approach doesn’t do this.

How do others approach this sort of problem?

Hello Chriss,
we have plan to add automatic shape and placeholder resize in future, but I can’t tell, when it will be done.
To leave formatting untouched you can create new instances of Paragraph and Portion class from existing. Both classes have such constructors.