One mailmerge per page- or automatcially fit it?


I am executing a mailmerge. The word doc template has a standard TableStart and Table End. The word doc is being created succesfully. I only have one problem. The page starts and ends interrupting the TableStart and TableEnd, and it looks unprofessional. I would like for it to automagically just put one TableStart and talbeEnd per page, or put two if it will fit.

Here is an example of what it looks like:

Review Number:
Review :
page ends - i don’t like this!

page starts
Allegations: hghghg
Review Requester :
Requesting Organization:
Review Scope: ghg Request Type: hghg
Review Status:
ICs Involved:
Start Notice:
Entrance Conference:
Review Objectives:



Thank you for considering Aspose.

To be honest, I can hardly understand your request. Do you want Aspose.Word to provide a function that would automatically insert the TableStart and TableEnd per per each page? Or maybe you need to align the repeatable regions during mail merge so that each one would start with new page?


I am asking for AsposeWord to always put one TableStart/End per page. If it can fit two, then that is fine. I NEVER want it to put 1.5 per page. Splitting a table across pages is not acceptable.


You control this in the MS Word document, not in Aspose.Word. You can either insert a page break character (Shift+Enter) after TableEnd or go to Format/Paragraph of the first pagraph and mark as Page Break Before.
I thought I’ve given you this link already in the programmers guide