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Online demo on web site does not work - bar codes


I am looking at this demo

Which generates no bar code in the resulting downloaded file if you select .doc or .docx formats which is what I would like to do. PDF does insert a bar code btw.

In brief, we want to do a mail merge of other data such as name, organization, etc. plus a bar code. Its discouraging that the online demo fails. See attached file.

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your inquiry. I was unable to observe any such problem now. Secondly, there actually does exist a bar code image in the document you attached in your post. I have attached the screenshot here for your reference (This is how your document appears on my end when opened with Microsoft Word 2013).

Moreover, I would suggest you please read the following articles to learn more about MailMerge functionality of Aspose.Words:

If we can help you with anything else, please feel free to ask.

Best regards,