Open encrypted Excel file



I’m using Aspose.Cells for java 1.7.2.

When I opened password encrypted Excel file, exception occured at open method.

com.aspose.cells.CellsException: File is read/write protected and encrypted.
at com.aspose.cells.aU.c(Unknown Source)

at com.aspose.cells.aU.a(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at ExcelPasswordTest.main(

Aspose.Cells doesn’t support encryped file?

Or my source code is something wrong?

I post




Aspose.Cells for Java does not support this feature now.We are doing with it .It will take us one week to complete it.


Hello, thanks for reply.

OK. I will wait for newer version.



Please try this fix.


Opens file:

1. If opening file is protected (security options), you should offer a password to open the file.Please use,int,String) method to open file.

2. If only the workbook is protected , a password is not needed.


1. Protects file:

Aspose.Cells for Java only supports to setting file modify protection.

Please use Workbook.protectFile(byte,String) to protect file.

2. Protect the workbooks:

Please use Workbook.protectWorkbook(String) to protect workbook.Before call this method ,please make sure that the workbook is unprotectd, otherwise, a CellException will be thrown.


1. Unprotects file,please use Workbook.protectFile(byte,null) to remove protection.

2. Unprotects workbook, please use Workbook.unprotectWorkbook(String) to unprotect workbook.



The attached zip is docs.



I tried this fix, and it works well.

This fix can’t support Strong Workbook Encryption.

Will you support this function in the future version?

Anyway, My currently purpose is just open encrypted Excel template file,
and keep protection for output file.
I will use default encryption setting.

Thanks alot!



We don't support Strong Workbook Encryption.Now we could not find how to encrypt file with Strong Workbook Encryption.


Hello. Thanks for response.

When official version will be released?



We will release new version at the end of this week .